“Orbis Education is a fantastic company to work for! Internal progression is excellent, management support staff members that want to progress, training opportunities are great and staff have an individual training allowance where they can choose courses appropriately suited to their job role. Orbis Education and Care allows pupils to thrive through their unique curriculum giving them opportunities to meet their full potential. This is met by a dynamic staff team made up of Teachers, LSA’s, REW’s , Senior Management and therapists. We are one team that strive to meet the needs of the individuals that we support. I personally feel very supportive by my line manager and the directors of the company, my ideas are listened to and implemented to allow a great working environment for both staff and young people”
Sarah Russell, Senior Teacher
“A fantastic, well run school. The staff do all they can and more on a daily basis. They have a brilliant relationship with my son and I can’t thank them all enough, just amazing, thank you!”
“I am amazed at the development in R’s verbal communication. R actually asked me questions yesterday which is the first time ever. I am so proud of the reindeer, canvas painting and Christmas Tree ornament that he made and will display them with pride. Thank you for all you have personally done for R, and I know you do the same with the other young people at Ty Bronllys”
Social Worker
“The school has robust systems for tracking and monitoring pupils’ progress…

“The school supports the professional development of staff well…

“Teachers and support staff work well together. Support staff provide effective support for pupils’ behaviour and learning…”

Estyn 2015