Vocational-OpportunitiesVocational Opportunities

We encourage all of our pupils to learn about the world of work. This includes visits from local businesses and emergency services to provide pupils with experience of the daily roles. Through close work with the school based occupational therapist we have developed a number of internal work experience placement for those pupils who are ready to experience the world of work but still require the safety and level of support that can be provided by our staff team. This includes a weekly school tuck shop, tuck trolley and catering assistant within the school canteen.

In addition to this we have developed a bespoke service in Porth, RCT called The Orb designed to enable our pupils, to continue increase their work experience opportunities and improve their independence. The Orb includes a charity shop, café, office, kitchen and soft play area where pupils can take on job roles and interact with members of the public with the full support of their school staff.