School Improvement Plan

Following on from our comprehensive review of the current SIP (2016-2017), including analysing feedback from parent/pupil and staff questionnaires, analysis of pupil progress data and feedback from our Annual Monitoring Visits the following are emerging as targets for our 2017-2018 SIP:

  • All pupils at level KS3 and above to gain a broad and balanced range of external accreditations which are meaningful and support them in future pathways.
  • To further develop a provision map in order to track improvements in academic performance and behaviour of standards of groups of learners.
  • To ensure that communication strategy plans are shared with education and residential teams and evaluated regularly to ensure progress.
  • To improve the numbers of pupils achieving or surpassing their predicted grades.
  • To develop target-setting and predicted grades based on individual assessments, LNF & DCF.
  • To improve the quality of pupils’ IEPs so that they can be more involved in assessing their own progress.
  • To introduce weekly lunch clubs and structured choices linked to pupils’ preferences in order to improve peer relationships and ensure every opportunity is taken to promote learning throughout the school day.
  • To improve links with the local community including for Ty Bronllys to join a local ‘cluster’ group with other schools in order for pupils to become more integrated with their local community.
  • To continue to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to contribute effectively to decisions about school life and the wider community.
  • To develop a KS2 curriculum which is distinctive and provides a thematic approach to learning.
  • To further develop the 14-19 curriculum ensuring that it is sufficiently preparing pupils for when they leave school.
  • To find suitable external work experience opportunities to suit the needs of our changing cohort and ensure that they are regularly evaluated to ensure continuing progress.
  • Ensure the LNF & DCF frameworks are embedded in all SOW’s and that LNF/DCF passports are used effectively.
  • Improve pupils’ use of ICT across the curriculum in both on and offsite settings. Build on last year’s progress to develop DCF and monitor pupil progress on the framework.
  • Ensure all pupils have the opportunity to learn about other cultures via twinned school links.
  • Ensure that pupils have an increasing knowledge of environmental issues through work towards Eco Schools Green Flag status.
  • All teachers and learning support assistants to continue to have a consistent approach to the delivery and assessment of pupil work with relevant feedback provided.
  • For teachers and support staff to continue to observe good practice in other schools and ensure that this good practice is implemented at Ty Bronllys.
  • To build on our current assessment and analysis of result using additional tools available.
  • To embed the overarching theme of ‘Africa’ into the school’s curriculum and to strengthen links with a partner school in Uganda to improve pupils’ knowledge of other cultures.
  • Ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to express their views following a physical intervention.
  • Improve the learning environment to ensure the classrooms provide suitable space to fully meet the complex needs of the pupils.
  • To develop the role of the curriculum coordinator.
  • To complete book scrutiny and moderation across all 3 schools comparing like-for-like work in order to improve and ensure consistency.
  • To continue monthly education governance meetings to monitor the school’s progress and to ensure that systems and processes are constantly being monitored, good practice is shared and that directors provide appropriate challenges and leadership.
  • To ensure that teaching is consistently good or excellent and that teachers are using supervision targets and observation feedback to continually improve.
  • To take into account the views of professionals when sending out questionnaires in order to raise standards.
  • For staff to have greater input in developing and evaluating the school improvement plan and the self-evaluation report.
  • To improve relationships with external partnerships in order to develop provision at Ty Bronllys.
  • To ensure that Clicker6 and other software is being used to further and capture learning.
  • To ensure that all staff use their training budget to enable them to meet their personal objectives.
  • To use observations in other schools to improve the professional development of all staff.

The above targets have been developed in greater detail including actions, key performance indicators, resources, costings and progress in our most recent School Improvement Plan available on request.

Pupil Attendance

2015 to 2016



Pupil Progress

Number of pupils who progressed in at least one P/NC level in literacy and numeracy in 2015-2016



Number of pupils that achieved 4 or more external accreditations 2015 – 2016